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From the N.Y. Times, July 2004

"Drake Bay is one of the most remote and natural settings that tourists will encounter in Costa Rica. The abundance of wildlife, (particularly birds), combined with great accommodations and friendly people make this one of the most spectacular and memorable places to visit.

Drake (pronounced Drak Cay by the locals) is only accessible by air and water. Although there is a new road, we do not recommend taking a rental car on it as it is seasonal and rains can come at all times of the year here.

You can now fly directly to Drake as the new airstrip is open. This unfortunately eliminates one of the most spectacular boat rides through the mangroves and river delta into the ocean and around a point to Drake Bay. See "Getting to Drake" for more information.

This is truly an outdoor lover's paradise. Hiking, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, and sunbathing are just some of the many outdoor activities here. 

If you are looking for shopping, night life, and luxury, this is definitely not the place. One small store (pulperia) and a small disco that is open on Saturday nights (that may remind you more of a high school dance than a disco) are the total sum of shopping and night life. However, if you are looking for natural beauty, wilderness rain forest, lots of wildlife, friendly people, and a place to get away from it all then we highly recommend Drake as your getaway vacation destination.

The resorts here all provide meals so there isn't much in terms of restaurants either. Bring sunblock, first aid supplies, medication, and anything else you may need while you are here as the pulperia is not that well stocked.

Drakes Bay and the surrounding areas feels like the end of the world, especially after traveling more than an hour down the river and then across the ocean to the shore. Just making it through the surfer's paradise waves at the mouth of the Sierpe River is worth the trip. Once we made it to shore, we had to wade up the beach and climb the small hill to our Cabinas. The food is rich and plentiful, the cabinas sparse but well maintained. Dolfin Amor is a must for anyone who wants an opportunity to see dolfins, whales, boopies and turtles in their natural habitat. This place is beyond words one of the most beautiful but extremely rustic and remote areas of the world. It is not for the person who prefers luxury and pampering. But well worth the labor and inconvenience. "



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