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Drake's Bay - Costa Rica 

Drake's Bay and the Osa Peninsula form the gateway to one of the most pristine, magical areas of Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast. Until very recently, this was one of the least accessible regions in the entire country. Not anymore. [see Getting There]

When you arrive at Aguajitas, a village just two blocks long, you’re in the center of Drake's Bay social life with a few small cafés and a couple of little stores selling simple provisions—no t-shirt or souvenir shops. Here, people always have time to say “Hola” with a smile. More than 30 miles of coastal walking trails (shared only with horses) stretch from Aguajitas along the coast to the other side of Corcovado National Park. Picture one of the most exquisite places on earth with no motor vehicles! Local boats with captains are commonly hired to access every part of this coastline.

Bahía Drake (pronounced Bah-hee-ah Drah-kay) is the perfect jumping-off point for exploring Corcovado National Park, only 12 miles/19 km. away, a wildlife sanctuary that National Geographic calls “one of the most biologically intense places on earth.” This park hosts the largest coastal rainforest in Central America. A vast variety of indigenous plants, birds and animals thrive in Corcovado including some threatened with extinction.

All along the coast between Aguajitas and the park, explore secluded rocky coves and excellent swimming beaches. Relax in the shade of coconut trees on the edge of the white-sand shoreline where the jungle meets the sea.. Take a one-hour boat ride from Drake Bay to the National Marine Reserve at Caño Island where you can picnic and immerse yourself in the aquamarine sea for some of the best snorkeling and scuba-diving in Costa Rica. Fishing is world-class. Kayak along the coast or into the mangrove forest on the Sierpe River. Hike to remote beaches with iguanas crossing the trail in front of you, monkeys in the trees above, and scarlet macaws, toucans, pelicans and raptors flying overhead. Watch for dolphins and migrating whales that frequently share the bay. This place is alive!

Electricity arrived in 2004 in Aguajitas, one of the last areas in the country to receive it, and with it a real estate boom. Property prices around the bahía are considered reasonable within the high end of the Costa Rican market. Resort owners and locals cooperate to protect  this huge marine and jungle sanctuary, unique in the world. The community has successfully resisted large-scale development; there are no big hotels on Drake's Bay. About 25 resorts operate along the coast between Aguajitas and the national park, ranging from private cabins with verandas overlooking vibrant tropical gardens and the bay’s blue water to rustic accommodations in large tents set on raised platforms.

In contrast to the crowded places around the globe where humankind has overwhelmed Nature’s artistry, Bahía Drake remains one of the most unspoiled retreats with genuinely friendly locals. This terrific combination makes Drake Bay a great place to live or vacation. Come soon to see for yourself.


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